The School Of Levin



It's beyond heartbreaking to see our friends and family in Ukraine live in a perpetual state of dread - a looming dread that consists of not knowing how they will sleep through the night, what the next day holds and if their country will even exist in the morning.

They are hiding in bomb shelters, parking lots, basements, train stations fearing for their safety.

Their fathers, sons, grandfathers and husbands are risking their lives on the front lines to help defend their country - as are the women who are risking their lives to bring their families to borders for hope to make it across, but quickly finding waits that exceed 40+ hours - waits that they have to endure in below freezing temperatures without food or shelter.

All profits from this hoodie will go to help families that are directly affected and in dire need of these resources, resources like essential first aid and hypothermia management supplies - we have trusted people, family members and friends that are willing and able to help set up housing, provide food and shelter for families trying to make it to the Hungarian and Romanian borders. Help us support them in any way we can.

We stand  with our people.
We stand for peace.
We stand with Ukraine.



*please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping